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2 men convicted of the murder of Malcolm X were cleared this Thursday, November 18, more than half a century after the facts …

Symbol of the political and social conflicts of the United States of the 60s, the murder of Malcolm X, political activist and defender of African-American human rights, faithfully crystallizes this period of tension. Assassinated in 1965, on February 21 more precisely, while delivering a speech at the Audubon Ballroom, a performance hall in Harlem, the one who was also the spokesperson for the Nation of Islam died at the age of 39 only. While some reduced his assassination to a political plot or to the action of the American secret services, others linked him to rivalries in his entourage. The justice, it, had privileged this last thesis, and an investigation was then opened, and had condemned Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam.The two men, who were respectively released in 1985 and 1987, had always claimed their innocence . This Thursday, November 18, they were cleared by Judge Ellen Biben, who also explained that their conviction was nothing other than a “ failure of justice ”. If Khalil Islam – also nicknamed Thomas 15X Johnson – died in 2009, Muhammad Aziz – alias Norman 3X Butler – is alive and well, and 83 years old.

“ Decades of Injustice ”

Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance told the New York Times on Wednesday, November 17 that “ these men did not have the right to the justice they deserved. ”This Thursday, he wished to recall that the latter have suffered“ decades of injustice ”because of“ unacceptable violations of the law and of the confidence of public opinion ”. For his part, Muhammad Aziz spoke, declaring: “ All of this should never have happened. These facts were and are the result of a corrupt process to the core, which remains all too familiar even in 2021 ”. As a reminder, Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam were both part of the Nation of Islam. They had been found guilty, alongside Thomas Hagan, a third activist who had for his part admitted his involvement in this murder. Cyrus Vance admitted that many crucial documents had not been added to the file, and that certain witnesses, however very important and allowing to prove the innocence of the 2 defendants, had not been interviewed. A court decision which relaunches today the various theories around the murder of Malcom X …

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