Malu Trevejo puts pressure on Travis Scott by threatening to unbox sensitive details for breach of contract

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Malu Trevejo is desperate to leave Travis Scott’s nets through her production label Cactus Jack Records. She puts pressure on the rapper by threatening to unbox secrets behind the scenes of the label.

The partnership between Trevejo and Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records label only gave birth to a mouse. Announced last October as a very strong blow to the advantage of the son of Houston, the contract between Malu Trevejo and Cactus Jack Records saw an early end three weeks later. The 19-year-old TikTok and social media star, accustomed to the lifestyle in the spotlight since he was 16, had broken the contract and is now threatening to add more to Travis Scott’s sentences. The latter is in the midst of an endless series of lawsuits relating to the drama of the Astroworld Festival. And so if Trevejo should add any more to that punishment, it would be through exposure of Travis Scott’s private life and she’s already given a brief glimpse of that.

Last month, she put an end to the rumors announcing it on the side of Atlantic Records and therefore indirectly, ceasing all collaboration with Travis Scott and his company. “  I love Travis and his team, but I’m moving towards better things [black heart emoji],  ” Trevejo wrote at the time. 

Revelations that hide other realities

After the news of her breach of contract with Cactus Jack Records, Trevejo is still stuck with paperwork and it seems like Travis is blocking the advancement.

To put pressure on him, T revejo shared a message on his Instagram account to take the whole canvas to witness the relentlessness. “  @Traviscott, let me get out of the contract, ” she said. ”  I really don’t want to go behind the scenes, so leave me out of this.” ! !!!! She added, as if to warn Travis of how far this case could take her if she does not succeed. She did not content herself with this one publication. She added in another Instagram Story slide, ”  Like whyiii try to hold me when you denied everything let me go !!!!!!!!!. Nowttttttt “. A very relevant question. Unless Travis is afraid Trevejo will turn on him by being on a rival label.

The debacle for Cactus Jack Records

If Trevejo went away, it would be a total shame for the label. It would be the proof of a total incapacity to hatch and take care of a talent in the raw state. This departure could open the door for the departure of the other artists produced by the label. The label had managed to recruit talent like Sheck Wes as well as Don Toliver. The latter recently released a brand new project.

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