Mariah Carey dodges question about letting her children obtained with Cannon spend time with their other brothers

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Mariah Carey was asked about plans to let her twins hang out with Nick Cannon’s other children. Without really answering, Mariah seems not to be thrilled by the idea to Nick’s dismay.

Nick Cannon is a father with a big heart. He has been pursuing a crazy dream since his childhood. That of forming a big family and he is well and truly on this path. The rapper has 7 children with four different women. He even has fun shocking the web to be the rapper with the most children. He has one child with Alyssa Scott, twins with Abby De La Rosa, two children with Alyssa Bell and of course, his older twins with Mariah Carey .

Nick Cannon Influenced by his childhood

He may not realize it, but  Cannon  is influenced by his experiences with his parenting life. He is obsessed with his dream of reuniting all of his descendants and forming a big family together. A big dream that will certainly not please the possessive and suspicious side of women. This idea comes to him from the environment in which he grew up and he seems not to have finished being a father. “ I come from a big family, I have several brothers and sisters [and] being sometimes raised in an unorthodox family by my grandparents, I had such a varied education that I have such love and such passion for children and family. I too want a big family.  “, He declared last September.

Mariah Carey is not plugged in, but hides it

Mariah Carey often enjoyed going out with her children. She often mentioned her trips with her children to McDonald’s or their trip to Aspen and their fun in the snow. So seeing his kids having fun with their other brothers should warm his heart. This is what journalist Kevin Fraizer tried to find out while taking into account Nick Cannon’s dream of reuniting all his children for Christmas, for example. Mariah’s non-explicit response still hides her refusal to face such a project. ” Is this a step? I don’t think that’s a step if you’re not married to the person, ”she said. The question came unexpectedly to a point where even Kevin said, “This is a different interview for you. Before the two start laughing.
Mariah Carey is organizing from December 13 and for 12 days the Mariah Menu in partnership with McDonald’s . This is a promotion that aims to offer a special menu item as a gift to any user of the Fast Food franchise app with a minimum purchase of one dollar.

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