Mariah Carey is not up for a showdown with Beyoncé in Verzuz

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During an interview, top record producer LA Reid claimed that the Verzuz battle of the century would be between Mariah and Bey. However, the famous singer Carey does not show much enthusiasm for this confrontation.

LA Reid is up for a Mariah Carey vs Beyoncé verzuz

If you’re a fan of Swizz Beatz and the Verzuz series , you’ve probably guessed the two artists who would make a perfect showdown. Famous record maker LA Reid wasn’t indifferent when he shared his ideal battle against Verzuz on The Real .

However, Twitter was not there to back it up. ”  It’s Mariah Carey against Beyoncé!” Go ahead,  ”he said. “  The successes they have, the legacies they have. Bey is the queen, isn’t she? Sometimes Mariah can be slightly underestimated for how long her career has been, how successful she is, and she practically owns Christmas,  ”said LA Reid .

Mariah Carey respectfully declined to say if she would do a Verzuz against Beyoncé

Turns out Mariah Carey isn’t up for this great LA Reid idea . According to AllHipHop , the must-have Christmas Queen brought up this topic during an interview with E! in line. 

“  LA Reid, high-profile record director, suggested he’d like to see you with Beyoncé in a battle of Verzuz. If this opportunity presents itself, will you be open to it? Rebecca Ingraham  asked the Grammy- winning singer . “  And who would win that…  ” Rebecca continued.

Mariah Carey did not let Ingraham complete her final question. “  Ah, stop!  She said. “  This is the worst. I’m sorry, Rebecca. I love you, but no, we can’t ask that question ”.

Mariah Carey avoided discussing her battle with Bey in Verzuz from that point on. On the other hand, she congratulated the artist Lemonade for all she has accomplished: “  First of all, I love Beyoncé and I admire her so much as a performer for what she has done for the world and everything else,  ”she said.

“  So I am not answering this question. Because how am I supposed to do it – I’m going to disrespect myself, and I’m not going to do it because it’s Christmas time. 

What do you think of this reaction from Mariah Carey? Is she running away from this battle? Leave us your opinions in the comments.

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