Marilyn Manson: a dismal twist in the sexual assault case

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The “Killing Stranger” was already overwhelmed by numerous accusations of sexual assault against young women. Now the noose is tightening around him, as Rolling Stone magazine revealed that MM locked his victims in a soundproof room .

The “bad girls” room

As criminal investigation documentaries generally show, rapists have a secluded dark room or basement in their homes in which they locked the victims . Apparently, Kanye West’s guest at the Sunday October 31 service would have acted the same way. He allegedly isolated some of the women in a room called the “bad girls  ’ room “.

This constitutes a very serious new accusation that Rolling Stone reveals through the publication of a poignant story. This recounts the statements of victims who experienced this ill-treatment. According to their allegations, the rocker locked them in this cabin of horror for hours in order to weaken them psychologically. He viewed this process as a punishment.

A room that was originally intended for healthy use

Marilyn Manson’s “Bad Girls Room” was originally built by a label and recording studio specializing in electronic music. This cramped glass enclosure in a corner of the apartment was intended to create a musical chamber that values ​​life. For this reason, it was covered with foam in order to soundproof the walls.

Ten years later, Marilyn saw in this chamber the opportunity to implement her many ideas of punishment and thus transformed it into an isolation and torture cell . Small transgressions were enough to deserve a passage in this space. Moreover, the rock star has never concealed the existence of such a corner in his apartment . One of his former assistants, Ashley Walters, who sued him for sexual assault reports that he liked to talk to people about it. “He always had a tone of joke and bragging,” she reports.

Likewise, another former assistant, Ryan Brown who assisted the rocker for 8 years, admits that he often mentioned this room . However, he adds that Marilyn had never locked anyone in her presence. In addition, the 52-year-old artist whose real name is Brian Warner has already bragged about the existence of this piece in a magazine in 2012. He had said to this effect: “  If someone is mean, I can lock it in, and it’s soundproof  ”.

Marilyn Manson’s house would be like a black refrigerator

Also in the article published by Rolling Stone about Marilyn Manson’s setbacks, it is said that the rest of her apartment was decorated with blood . There were also swastikas and photos from pornographic magazines. A person who visited this home informs us that “  there were vaginas everywhere  ”. Others remember a spray-painted message over his bed that said “AIDS”.

Plus, the carpets, furniture, and decorations were black, as were the curtains he used to block the light from every window almost 24 hours a day. Most surprisingly, the temperature was kept freezing. In case anyone ventured to set the thermostat below 65 degrees, the 52-year-old reportedly had temper tantrums and destroyed furniture.

Separately, an ex-girlfriend of Brian Warner called the apartment a “meat locker  ”. It was here, according to several former partners, that Warner inflicted repeated acts of mental, physical and sexual abuse . These acts caused these women crippling attacks of anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

The more the accusations fuse, the more Marilyn Manson sinks. Will Kanye West continue to support him despite this future which looks very dark like his home?

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