Masego Adds Jazzy Color to Favorite Tings

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The musician Masego has found his formula for announcing the end of year celebrations. He released his Jazzy version of “Favorite Tings”.

It’s the holiday season and artists are looking to win the hearts of fans just as much as the fashion designers who are flooding the market with new lines of clothing or accessories that are as eye-catching as they are expensive. If it is true that the purse of each one will decide which purchase will be made, it seems more obvious that the artist-musicians will find some for their account. Music is needed to make the end of the year pleasant.

In this context, Masego has decided to come back in December to carve out his share of the buzz.

“Favorite Tings” in jazz colors

When mentioning “ Favorite Tings ”, it is obvious that one has the impression of having heard this song before. Indeed, it is a song that was released as part of the Amazon Originals series in 2018. This song that has become a classic and a fan favorite for the holiday season was created by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Masego has released his own version of this holiday classic. He added in addition to his voice which hovers a few times in height, a Jazzy band. This Jazzy Band is the innovation that makes this revisited classic even more appealing and truly enjoyable to listen to.

With this cover, the American musician from Jamaica is sure to have brought an important touch to the original piece. He can also be sure to be successful with fans.

A last quarter without rest for the artist

The last quarter of this year 2021 has been an active period for Masego. In October, he released a collaboration with Big Boi JID on the track “  Garden Party  ”. The following month, he settles down even more with ”  Yamz  ” in collaboration with David Morisson. And this month, he launches hostilities with his cover of ”  Favorite Tings  “.

Apart from these musical outings, the artist has a series of shows planned for the next few days. In addition, he will have four nights of performance to do on the Brooklyn side.

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