Master P clears Travis Scott, puts Astroworld tragedy on crowds’ excitement

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Master P spoke on the drama of the Astroworld Festival. It was with TMZ and he insisted on the unpredictability of this kind of drama.

Voices have been rising since the evening of Friday, November 5, 2021 to comment on the tragedy of the Astroworld Festival. If the authorities defend themselves from all responsibility and seek to put the hat to a devastated Travis Scott, Master P comes to refocus the debate and make an analysis devoid of personal resentment. He based his analysis on his experience of the big stages and on the fact that he himself performed during the Astroworld Festival on Friday.
As a person who participated in the Astroworld Festival, Master Pspoke to TMZ to recount his experience on the festival stage. He thinks it was good and that Travis Scott by bringing together so many big names put on a great show. He also admitted that the desired effect was noticeable. The only downside, according to him, comes from the tragedy that blinded Travis Scott.

Master P points to the deployment of the police system

Before going into the technical details, Master P had a thought for the many victims. “ My condolences go out to those who lost their lives and to their families. It’s just a freak accident . ” , did he declare.
“ For me, the barricades were a bit smaller. Then you’ve got younger kids, you know, they’re just coming to happen. I have the impression that there could have been a lot more police inside than outside . “. With these words, P. Miller noted the inadequacies concerning the barricades and the lack of professionalism of the men in uniform, given all the excitement of the crowd.
Large gatherings are always at risk.
P gave a short course in risk management in order to remind people that the Astroworld Festival is not a first and will certainly not be the last tragedy since the risk of tragedy hangs over all major events. “ When you get so many people together in one place, you know something can happen… But you don’t expect it . », He affirmed. He went on to touch on other scenes of panic that could have taken place. He dwelled a lot on the presence of the children, their vulnerability and the unpredictability of everything that happened. “I took a kid on stage with me, but I kind of knew it would be that kind of day. To be honest with you, I felt safe because when you do big gigs like this you never expect nothing to happen, kids just for fun, someone could fall or whatever. I can tell it was crazy, because you just don’t know. 


The wave of anger on social media and in court

The Astroword Festival drama left 8 dead and 12 injured in a deadly stampede. This drama is the hot topic on TikTok where users point the finger at Travis Scott as responsible. For them, Travis has for years encouraged his fans to defy security measures and for his Show, he failed to channel an over-excited crowd. Internet users did not fail to recall that in the past, Travis was arrested and sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to inciting violence during the Lollapalooza festival in 2015.
They even lambasted the fact that Travis continued to perform after his short stop when one person passed out. Travis was not in their opinion listening to the public chanting that the show had to be stopped. “Even metal bands stop playing when people get hurt. There is NO EXCUSE, ”commented a user on TikTok. Other videos showing other artists shutting down their gig for the safety of their fans were even shared. Corey Taylor of “Slipknot”, Adèle, and Asap Rocky were notably cited through these videos.
To illustrate Travis’ lack of responsibility, an internet user posted a video showing Niall Horan, one of the members of the very popular former group One Direction, who explains: “ There is a good chance that this concert will be canceled at at some point. […] Your safety is my responsibility ”.
Spotify has also been used with Internet users who call to go to Travis Scott’s page to click on the menu and select: “Do not read this title”, thus avoiding listening to the artist’s songs.
In court, a Texas resident, victim of the stampede, filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and Drake for causing havoc. 

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