Max Giesinger was voluntarily single for five years

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For years Max just wanted to make music and had no eyes for the ladies. This has changed now.


Credit: Andreas Rentz / GettyImages

Career came first
In November 2019,Max Giesingertold RTL that he had no time for love and that he would rather concentrate on his career. At the time he said, “I’ve been single for four years. I don’t have any, it’s easy. I am still looking. Even if you get to know a cool sock, you’re gone after four weeks and then it fizzles out. […] It has to be a down-to-earth girl who has a passion. And she has to have a good sense of humor, you have to be able to laugh well together. It shouldn’t be a head bigger. I think that’s good too. “

But why didn’t Max have time for love? It was precisely this line of thought that he put into words for GALA in the summer of 2020 and confessed that he had not always been honest with himself.

“I am now at an age where you think about a lot. I’ve reached the next level of self-reflection … and I think you’re absolutely right. [That I don’t have time for a relationship] is an excuse! If a woman would come along with whom it would be 100% right … Nope. Although, three years ago Max might have done that. I wanted to take everything with me and thought about my career. But today I don’t have to prove it to anyone with my music. I’ve been doing well for four or five years, I’ve played at every concert I wanted to play, I’ve achieved a lot more than I wanted to achieve, what I ever dreamed of. So if I should find the right cover now, maybe they play a few gigs less to get the relationship under control. Well, my thinking has already changed, ”says Max.

First girlfriend after five years
Meanwhile,the “80 million” interpreterseems to belooking for the “right cover” and would do anything for his queen of hearts. Compared to “t-online”, the brown-haired handsome even testified that he had already tried the dating app Tinder. But it didn’t go unnoticed for a long time and was blocked “after five minutes at the latest”. Nobody believed he was really looking …

 For the right woman, Giesinger also added, he would meanwhile leave everything behind and look back on it:“ I was single for five years because that’s exactly how I wanted it. Music was the top priority and everything else had to be left behind. With such a mindset, of course, you don’t see the right woman either, even if she is standing in front of you. That has changed a bit in the meantime. I now know how important it is to look after my private life. I would also bag a few fewer appointments for a relationship. “

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