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It has been two years since a gang-affiliated gunman shot Nipsey Hussle in front of the Marathon Clothing store he owned. But his journey continues to inspire rappers like Maxo Kream.

Last October, Maxo released his second album Weight Of The World , which contained a little nod to the late MC of Crenshaw. During a recent interview with HipHopDX, Maxo Kream expressed his concerns that the younger generations are becoming so normalizing rapper murders.

“The people, the snake, envy, jealousy,” Maxo began. ” You know what I mean ? Hatred. This is how a lot of people are these days. Like crap. Loyalty is rare. So really, you just gotta watch everyone. It’s like that. The younger the generation, the worse it is, so… ”

Maxo Kream goes on to express his opinion on how the pursuit of fame has made the industry even more treacherous before.

”  I’ll say her past made me realize how to move these streets, and how niggas jealous.” Envious. You understand me ? People don’t care about your money anymore. They care more about influence. You see what I mean ? Bullshit like that. I do not know. It’s weird like everything now. I will not lie to you. Shit is really weird. So especially after this pandemic, we’ll see. Because it’s a whole year, a whole new generation of new little niggas, and disloyalty, and all kinds of shit. “

While Nipsey Hussle and Maxo Kream haven’t had a chance to enter the studio together, the West Coast MC appears to be well-equipped for the future.

In 2018, he told Stephen Curry his music “will stand the test of time,” during their conversation for his new Fifteen Minutes From Home podcast on Audible. “I’m proud of this album [Victory Lap],” Nipsey Hussle admitted to Chef Curry. “  It was a lot of blood, sweat, heavy and critical expectations for each of those records. I think over time it will reflect everything that has been put into those songs. And I think the album will stand the test of time. “

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