Meek Mill announces a break on social networks, because she is tired of seeing “crazy” things

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Meek Mill can’t take it anymore. The American rapper and songwriter has decided to take leave of social media, this virtual world he considers unhealthy because of the many crazy things there.

Prominent rapper retires

It’s an open secret ! Social networks are seen as a great sharing space that offers the possibility for millions of people to be virtually interconnected, regardless of their location. Like any human work, this very brilliant vector of information sharing is not without negative effects. And that’s what star Meek Mill deplores.

Indeed, the rapper Meek of his real name Robert Rihmeek Williams decided to cut the bridge for a while with this communication tool very in vogue but overwhelmed by the faults of the Man. In a message on his twitter account on Thursday, November 11, the rapper member of the Maybach Music Group label of Rick Ross announced that he was stepping back from this more or less disgusting world.

“I’m about to take a break from social media… I see too much crazy stuff, ” he posted. Better, the star subsequently expressed his concern about the new generation who will have to face this world so overwhelming and .. ” I would be lost seeing some of this stuff, “ he said.

Meek Mill now in the image of Jay-Z

The native of Philadelphia will obviously not be the only one to live far from the virtual world. He thus joins his colleague and businessman Jay-Z who recently deleted his Instagram account just the day after its creation. Except that for the moment, the boss of the musical label ”  Roc-A-Fella  ” had not taken care to notify the reason for his sudden departure to his fans 2.4 million subscribers. 

Departure from social networks, a harbinger of color?

Even though Meek Mill didn’t explicitly state what frustrated him so much that he decided to virtually take his fans’ leave, his new move could be seen by some as a harbinger of a color. As proof, we still remember that the rapper had said at the microphone of the American media Complex during a recent interview ,  that he left himself another 2 or 3 years before retiring. Fortunately, the rapper had promised his fans to release 4 to 5 albums before retiring for good. 

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