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The winter hotties season is all about the hat and the dress. Megan Thee Stallion will be graduating from Texas Southern University this month and looking to throw a party for a few select fans.

A university career that is coming to an end 

A full-time student at Texas Southern University, Megan pursued a degree course in health administration. In an interview, Megan explained that she found a balance between college and her role as a global beauty expert. ”  I will literally burst into tears because I can’t believe I made it…. I might pass out. I’ve been in college for about seven years, so when I finally get this degree in my hands, it’ll show me I can do whatever I want. “

Sharing a few photos of herself on the TSU campus recently, Megan wrote on Twitter that she  “was flooding [us all today because [she] is so happy.” At the same time, she announced her schedule for the month of December which includes a show in Houston on December 3, and raised a possible graduation party whose date has not been revealed, while explaining that ‘she was watching for the opportunity to finally be able to wear her dress. 

The star is getting ready for graduation 

Today, the star wrote on her Twitter account that she was 9 days away from the ceremony and it appears that she wants to throw a party for it. “ 9 days separate us from the graduation ceremony” she tweeted “ are there any sexy girls in texas that want to. I want to invite 10, maybe 15 of you.

all of you lol ”

Last August, Megan Thee Stallion returned with a new album, Something For Thee Hotties . The release brings infamous freestyles and never-before-heard singles. Megan called this new album a gift that will “keep you going for the rest of the year.” This is Megan’s first release in 2021, after the album Good News , certified gold.

The new album features 20 tracks, including one featuring Juicy J. Freestyles include “Bless The Booth” and “  Megan Monday” . 

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