Megan Thee Stallion’s ex-best friend Kelsey Nicole responds to claims made by Tory Lanez’s lawyer

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On the night of July 11-12, Tory shot Texas star Megan Thee Stallion in the feet. This affair has generated as much ink as saliva and the truth is not yet ready to emerge.

Tory’s defense attorney claimed Kelsey Nicole was interested in Tory

Is the truth ready to come out? For over a year, fans have heard a thousand and one things about what happened between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez . The incident occurred following a party at Kylie Jenner’s house in the summer of 2020.

Megan, Tory and Kelsey Nicole all left their testimonials. Meg and Kelsey (her former best friend) were allegedly in the same car during the drama at the time. It was announced on Tuesday December 14 that Tory will face trial for allegedly shooting Megan multiple times.

This decision comes following a court appearance. Indeed, LAPD Detective Ryan Stogner confirmed earlier reports that Tory yelled ”  Dance, bitch, dance  ” at Megan before shooting her feet.

In addition to this disturbing confirmation, Tory’s defense attorney Shawn Holley revealed that a “fight in the car” made matters worse. He reveals that Megan and Tory were in some kind of intimate relationship.

Holley claims Kelsey Nicole, who was hanging out with Tory and Megan at the time, was interested in Tory. So when their relationship was laid bare, Nicole ”  grew jealous  ” and claimed that Megan had ”  hijacked  ” her. Tory’s attorney then said his client told police after the shooting ”  he was just trying to protect his daughter  .”

Kelsey Nicole denies claims made by defense attorney for Tory Lanez that everything is ‘ceiling’

Kelsey Nicole has officially given her take on what was said in court. She claimed Tory’s defense attorney is lying, “It’s  all over the top  ,” she wrote in a comment.

She also responded to someone who asked her why she hadn’t brought up the incident with Megan , adding, “  I’m not worried about the lack of an NDA, that’s the real shit. The NDA doesn’t arrest anyone. Trust me my time to talk is coming, let’s let them get all their stories out. I am the one who has nothing to hide or lie. The difference between me and them. Celebrities will do and say anything to save face.  “


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