Mel B cut from Adele’s special because of joke

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If you have the impression that we are only talking about Adele now, rest assured that is indeed the case. The internationally beloved singer recently released her highly anticipated new album “30,” which took fans on pop ballads of love, grief and healing. Adele even managed to get Spotify to remove the shuffle option for her record because she insisted it be played in the order she established.

Mel B: the disturbing joke

There were many clips from the ITV special “An Audience with Adele” that went viral, showing the singer literally center stage as her famous colleagues in the audience asked her about his life and personal experiences.

According to Page Six, Mel B was in the audience and asked Adele to confess the best gift she had ever received to her. It was a question the Spice Girls icon found a little silly, so to lighten the mood she made an off-the-cuff remark and said she bet the gift in question was a vibrator. The outlet said the timing quickly became awkward as no one laughed at the joke.

In the final cut, Mel’s footage was cut because it was uncomfortable and the media deemed it unsuitable for younger viewers. The news follows reports that an Australian journalist’s interview with Adele was ransacked after the journalist admitted not listening to the album before performing the interview. 

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