Menace Santana records more than 6,700 sales in 1 week with her album called “! “

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Friday, December 17 was the scene of the release of several projects of young talents from the rapological scene. Among these, we found the mysterious driller Menace Santana who unveiled his opus ”  “. One of the most anticipated projects of this end of the year. After a week of operation, the sales figures for this album have been released.

A good start for Menace Santana

Today, the place of drill in musical genres in France is well established. In recent years, this musical style has imposed itself more and more tending to supplant rap. Among the fervent defenders, we find several headliners like Koba LaD, Leto, Gazo .

But recently, new talents are beginning to impose themselves more and more on the front of the stage. One of the most prominent lately is Menace Santana. Originally from Lyon, this new phenomenon of drill never ceases to be talked about. He managed to get noticed in 2020 with his series of freestyles entitled ”  Covid” . Unique and dark rap style, powerful lyrics, aggressive flow are the adjectives that characterize it.

This year, the masked drill unveiled his freestyle called “  Boosk’Halloween”. A successful project that allowed him to make a place for himself in the top 200 of the most listened to songs on Spotify France during the week of the release of his project. As for the accompanying clip, it had more than 500,000 views on the YouTube platform in just 9 days.

And it is driven by this success that Menace Santana has decided to unveil his mix-tape soberly titled “  ! “ . A project composed of 12 tracks on which the drill artist reveals all his artistic potential, but above all funny. The particularity of this opus is that it does not contain the slightest collaboration. A strategic choice that has borne good fruit.

Indeed, in just seven days of operation, the masked drill managed to sell exactly 6,728 copies of its mix-tape, including 3,458 in streaming, 3,253 in physical and 17 in download. A very good score for the Lyon singer whose career is still at the start-up level. Let us add that with these figures, Menace Santana managed to enter the Spotify top 10 of the most streamed projects in the world. Ranked wherein it is imposed on the th position .

We can safely say that the future bodes only good things for the Lyonnais drill. He is now an artist to watch closely. And to not miss any news about him, subscribe to our Hip Hop Corner platform .

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