Method Man apologizes for clashing with Destiny’s Child

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Recently interviewed by Math Hoffa, the famous member of the Wu-Tang Clan returned to an unfortunate episode that took place in 2001, which led him to enter into beef with… Destiny’s Child!

A misunderstanding turned into a clash

Back in 2001, during the recording of the emission now disappeared MTV Icon , devoted for the blow to Janet Jackson. Invited to the event, Method Man will have had the impression of being snubbed by Destiny’s Child, even though he had a good relationship with the training until then.

He explained at length this situation having completely slipped during an interview granted to Math Hoffa, and will even take the opportunity to apologize, 21 years after the events:“[At that time] I didn’t like myself, so I didn’t like other people either. So that means that anything that might have entered my circle at that time was going to inherit my bad mood. I put my family through a lot of negative things during that time, man. And I can admit that I took a lot out on them, and they didn’t deserve it. And I took it out on people at Def Jam who didn’t deserve it. […] There was this story with Beyoncé. And I was execrable. I met them through Jay-Z. […] The girls were really nice, there were still four of them, the members from the start. Very nice, very cordial, I always had in mind that they were good girls. »

But two years later, when he meets the group again, this time reduced to three members, Method Man takes the fly: “We are moving forward in time, they are only three, and there are two new ones. We’re on Janet Jackson’s Icon show, I remember coming on stage, with all these VIPs. NSYNC, Destiny’s Child, Tommy Lee. And I see the girls, I get up from my seat a bit and I say to them, “How are you? “I am still in this period where I am not well. But I tell myself that I like girls, so I’m going to say hello to them. I go. And when I say hello to them, they don’t turn around and calculate me. »

He will continue his explanations: “  In my head, I say to myself: “They come from sh ** on me. When in fact they just didn’t hear me.There was so much noise in this thing. That’s the excuse I give, they didn’t hear me. After that, Rockwilder was going to do Bootylicious for them. He goes to them, he talks to them, like, “Oh, you know Method Man and Redman? They reach out their hand to say hello, I keep my hand in my pocket, and I say, “Go see that Hollywood shit.” “To this day, I still blame myself, because neither Kelly, Beyoncé or Michelle have ever done anything to me. But I was bad, I had the impression that they had not treated me as I deserved. Who am I to think that about these girls? […] And to this day man, I don’t think I apologized for that. I apologize to Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle, you didn’t deserve this. »


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