Mia Jaye pays tribute to Young Dolph by describing him as a man with a golden heart

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Mia Jaye described Young Dolph as a good man with a golden heart at the “Adolph ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton Jr. Avenue unveiling ceremony. 

Young Dolph’s inner-circle burial did not end events aimed at mourning the rapper’s death. Today, November 16, 2021, more than 19,000 people will come to the FedEx Forum in Memphis to pay their respects to Young Dolph, who died November 17 as a result of gunfire outside Makeda’s Homemade Cookies. . The day before this memorial already, there was a glimpse of the great emotion that will prevail on the side of Memphis.

A street in honor of the son of the street

The local political authorities, also affected by this tragic death, thought of immortalizing the illustrious disappeared by attributing the name of the rapper to a street in the city of Memphis. For that they proceeded to a ceremony of homage to the man and of revelation of “Adolph ‘Young Dolph’ Thornton Jr. Avenue. A beautiful tribute which does not prevent the pursuit of investigations to arrest the perpetrators of this homicide.

The vibrant tribute to the place of Young Dolph

Surrounded by relatives of Young Dolph, Mia Jaye took the floor to express how an aunt to Young Dolph who had spoken before her, had already said most of the qualities of the deceased. Beginning by saying: ”  I am here with my children  “, she addressed the question of the faithful portrait of the deceased in her intervention that TMZ took care to relay. “She better illustrated the character of Adolph. I can’t even do better because everything she said was right. He was a man after God’s heart. I would call him often and tell him that he had a heart of David. He was so generous, had such a genuine and golden heart . “

Nostalgia for the beginnings

Failing to repeat the words of the aunt who preceded her at the microphone, Mia chose to immerse all the audience in the secret of her debut with the deceased. “  I remember when we first met and he was so busy,” Mia recalls. “But I was always like, ‘I’m going to stick around because he has such a big heart… I could tell he was trying to be of service and do something for the good of his family. I had this hunch and it followed, and it was true.  “. Mia thus indirectly testified to her patience and her happiness to discover that Young Dolph was a good father.

The beautiful legacy left by Young Dolph

Apart from his musical works, Young Dolph left offspring that he took care to impact. Mia explained how encouraging Dolph is with his children by urging them to never give up. She also revealed that the rapper shapes their self-esteem, telling them to be proud of who they are and where they come from. A father who has therefore taken the care to prepare his children for the harsh reality of adversity in life.

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