Money Man buys an entire store, gives Houston kids a nice Christmas party

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The magic of Christmas unfolded in the children of Houston through the generous act of Money Man. Thanks to the store, from which he bought all the items, he allowed the children of several families to celebrate happily.  

“I bought the whole City Gear store in Houston for the kids,” Money Man

On Thursday, December 23, 2021, Atlanta singer Money Man visited a store in the city of Houston. To everyone’s surprise, especially the owners of the premises, the artist didn’t just buy a few items. Money Man bought the entire City Gear store. That is, he bought absolutely all the items from this store. 

This was confirmed by a store employee. “They broke a record. We’ve never had anyone done that before. “. On a photo published on the web, we can see bundles of money bills deposited by Money Man. A total of $ 40,000

The artist then explained on social media the reason for this gesture. “I bought the entire City Gear store in Houston for kids. “, He wrote in the caption of a video which shows all his purchases. 

All of these items were distributed to children in need of the shoes in Houston. It was Friday 24, Christmas Eve, to allow her children to have a good time of celebration. A generous act which received great applause from many.

This is how Money Man decided to end the year. This is not his first gift at the end of the year. A few days ago, he gave a new single to his fans. It is “Fans Go Crazy” in feat with Yung Bleu, available on all streaming platforms. 

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