Morray and Victor Fontanez alias “Vic Blends” team up for the Christmas Giveback in Fayetteville

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What could be nobler than giving of yourself to please the inhabitants of your community? Without really already being a world star, Morray will perform on December 23 an act that will forever remain engraved in the hearts of the inhabitants of his native Fayetteville.

The United States, far from the reality of being an economic power, contains many distensions within the social fabric. There are naturally people full of Aces but also people who lack the minimum. It is because of this that many rappers and celebrities are philanthropic on occasions like the Thanksgiving holiday. Aware that this could not be enough, some disguise themselves as Santa Claus to give underprivileged layers a beautiful Christmas party. Morray, one of the talents identified as sure values ​​and present in the DX Rising Stars 2021 of the HipHopDX site, has decided to associate his image with a charity in his native Fayetteville. He partners with Victor Fontanez aka “Vic Blends”, famous barber and TikTok entrepreneur based in Fayetteville, North Carolina,

A remake of the past edition

Vic Blends has fond memories of the 2020 edition of his collaboration with Project Two-Six for their annual Christmas Giveback. Together they had provided free clothes, toys, food and of course hairstyles to over 1,000 families in the Fayetteville area.

He expressed his desire to postpone the experience this year when he appeared on the Nick Cannon Show Podcast. He announced that this year’s edition will take place at the Segra stadium in Fayetteville with another brand support from Morray who willingly accepted to contribute. “  We all have big dreams, hoping to be known around the world for what we do, but that starts with being a mainstay in your community,  ” Blends told Nick Cannon. “  We all have big dreams, hoping to be known globally for what we do, but that starts with being a pillar of her community first . », Added the hairdresser to show the gesture and the good vision of Morray.

Morray already wants to be useful

He did not wait to have his pockets full of it. Morray preferred to make a habit of serving his community because of his past sufferings. He shared the coverage of the event on Instagram, as if to confirm his attendance and added a very meaningful post to it. ”  I like to reciprocate my people… I remember when I didn’t have one, and I don’t want anyone to feel like that, so we’re gonna go up, all of you!” 2-6  ”. With this post, the rapper makes an appointment with the inhabitants of his city on December 23, 2021 for the event which will take place at the Segra stadium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. On the poster, we understand that the annual Christmas Giveback will be furnished with donations of clothing, food, toys, hairstyles and community support.

This event could be an occasion of personal thanksgiving for the rapper who had a very good year 2021. During that year he signed a deal with Interscope Records. He also knew what it means to be a homeowner. Indeed, he bought his first house that same year. Remember also, that beyond his presence in the DX Rising Stars 2021 of the HipHopDX site, Morray won two nominations at the 2022 Grammy Awards, for the “best rap performance” and the “best rap song” for his work. on “my. life ”by J. Cole.

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