Mr Morale & the Big Steppers may be Kendrick Lamar’s last album

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10 days ago, Kendrick Lamar released Mr Morale & the Big Steppers , his new album awaited for more than five years by his fans. According to Nicolas Rogès, biographer of the artist, it could be his last opus.

A continuation of his film career

As soon as it was released, Kendrick Lamar’s new album unleashed the crowds and the whole world rushed to listen to the 18 tracks that make it up. And the first striking observation of this album is that Kendrick has fundamentally changed during these five years. More sincere than ever in the matter, the artist from Compton deals with very personal subjects giving a touching dimension to the album. In Mirror, the last piece, he gives the impression of bowing out.

“I choose me, I’m sorry” is what Kendrick Lamar repeats over and over in this final work. For some, like Nicolas Rogès, it would be a clue that this is his last album. At the microphone of France Télévision, the biographer nevertheless brings some nuances to his remarks: “I also perceived this last sentence as a sign that it would be his last album. I think he’s going to withdraw from music more and more because at 35 he may have said all he had to say. This is undoubtedly the end of Kendrick Lamar as we know him. We know that he wants to go more and more towards the cinema. » To see what decision the Californian will make, but knowing his rarity, fans may have to enjoy this new album for many years.

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