Murder of rapper Slim 400 filmed on video, suspect fired numerous bullets

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The world of hip hop is once again mourning the violent death of a rapper. Slim 400 , from Compton , California, was murdered in cold blood in a shootout on Wednesday night in Los Angeles . While the actors in this horrific act have yet to be identified, a video of the scene pops up and goes viral on social media.   

Slim 400 shot dead in Los Angeles shootout

Like a hammer blow, the news of the rapper’s death fell this week, plunging the rap world into extreme affliction. Los Angeles-based rapper Slim 400 , a close affiliate of YG, was shot and killed this week in a horrific incident that appears to have been a targeted attack . As Los Angeles-based rappers, as well as an LAPD detective, have come forward to warn tourists of increased crime in the city following Slim’s murder, video of the artist’s shooting reportedly surfaced online, showing off his final moments.

Slim 400 caught in a vice by his assailant in his vehicle!

The video of the brazen attack was confirmed by police sources to show the murder of Slim 400 . In the video, the suspect can be seen walking down an aisle with his gun drawn before approaching the driver’s side of a vehicle, in which Slim was seated. The rapper apparently gets out of the vehicle and is shot multiple times. He crawls towards the gunman, who retreats into the street, as more shots are heard.

According to TMZ, Inglewood police responded to a call for shots and found the rapper in poor condition in the driveway. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. It’s yet another horrific moment for hip-hop fans after saying goodbye to Young Dolph a few weeks ago under similar circumstances. You can find video of the scene right here .

Already the victim of an attempted murder

This is not the first time that the rapper has found himself in the throes of a shootout. In July 2019, Slim 400 survived death. While in Compton, two men in a car opened fire on him. Affected eight times, he had taken him to the hospital when his vital prognosis was engaged. The doctors had at the time, managed to save his life. However, this time, he had fewer chances and lost his life, at 33 …

Tourists urged to avoid Los Angeles after Slim’s death

As the Slim 400 murder investigation progresses, local authorities are warning tourists not to visit LA. Detective Game urged tourists to stay a bit far from Los Angeles , likening the city to a scene from The Purge. Jamie McBride, director of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, told FOX News he was telling people ”  don’t visit because we don’t think we can protect you right now .”

At the same time, fellow Los Angeles rappers G Perico and The Game echoed McBride’s sentiments on social media and confirmed that the City of Angels was getting more and more violent . “  Everything’s bad here, rn, ” The Game wrote on Instagram. “ It seems like every day someone dies. The last time I saw you, it was love as usual. Have a quiet rest pfonk @ slim400blk.  He wrote.

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