Musical results of the year

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Whether you went to concerts or threw a solo party at home, there was always a song that kept you on your toes. In all genres, many newcomers appeared who boldly took the ranks of professional musicians and public favorites. In addition, there have been several returns of legendary performers. Let’s see which artists have achieved the most success this year.

Now there is hardly a person who has never heard of this young singer. Olivia Rodrigo literally came out of nowhere earlier this year and blew up the music world. Her debut single, Drivers License, broke Spotify records for four days and then topped the UK charts for over nine weeks. But this is far from a “one-off” hit. In May, the album Sour was released, which is full of genre experiments: from ballads to pop-punk. Views of clips and listening to her songs have far exceeded millions. And the cherry on top – Olivia has been nominated for seven Grammy awards in all four categories!

This is not the first year that K-pop stars have been gaining worldwide recognition. Boyband BTS released their second fully English-language single, Butter, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for over ten weeks. Not a single track of this year has been able to break this record. In addition, for the second year in a row, the guys were nominated for a Grammy in the category “Best Pop Group Performance”.

The duo Silk Sonic’s debut single, Leave the Door Open, is so successful that it guarantees the door is open whenever they decide to return. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak decided not to rely on modern sound, and returned to the dashing 70s and paid off. The ballad soared to the top of the charts and got the opportunity to become the song of the year.

Lil Nas X made a real outrage this year. The more he went outside the box, the more superstar he became. The music video in which he dances with Satan was one of the artist’s most striking and controversial moves. But Montero didn’t stop there. On the eve of the release of the album of the same name, the singer became pregnant! Every day he intrigued fans with new photos in an interesting position, even arranged a “Baby shower”. The musical child appeared on September 17, 2021.

There have also been many breakthroughs in the world of rock music. Canadian metal band Spiritbox released their debut album, Eternal Blue, to critical acclaim around the world. Vocalist Courtney Laplatne said she was happy with every song she wrote. And it’s hard to argue with that. Both vocals and instrumental accompaniment are amazing with smooth transitions from lyrics to brutal, heavy music. The tracks immediately hit the world charts and took leading positions.

If we talk about the soundtrack for 2021, then this is definitely Måneskin’s Zitti E Buoni. Eurovision rarely becomes a launching pad for young musicians, but not in this case. The song turned their lives upside down and made the whole world sing along. Incendiary Italians have proven that rock is alive. Now the quartet gives concerts all over the world and releases continuous hits.

Iron Maiden have finally released their Senjutsu album. They kept this project secret for two years. The musicians hinted about the release with messages to fans – they released mysterious teasers. Despite the frightening length (82 minutes), the record is not tiresome. Each track is like a short film, and Bruce Dickinson’s vocals are so powerful that it confirms that he is still in his prime. Most importantly, after so many years of careers, the metallers have managed to maintain an adventurous spirit.

Another long-awaited comeback has taken place this year. The Pretty Reckless were deeply depressed following the deaths of producer Kato Khandwal and musician Chris Cornell. But rockers were able to turn grief and despair into creativity. The fourth studio album Death By Rock and Roll is by far their strongest work.

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