NBA YoungBoy admits falling for Doja Cat

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In a conversation on Clubhouse, the rapper revealed that he might join singer Doja Cat’s list of admirers, but wouldn’t dare to act out of respect for his family.

 “If I didn’t have a daughter, I would try to marry Doja Cat,” YoungBoy on Clubhouse

These are YoungBoy’s statements during his Clubhouse discussion with Akademiks. Other excerpts from NBA YoungBoy’s intervention on Clubhouse have already been shared and this time it is an excerpt concerning Doja Cat that has caused debate. 

We previously reported that YoungBoy spoke with Akademiks about the deaths of Virgil Abloh and Young Dolph. The rapper remarked that the two men had simply “changed shape” and that, although they will not be there in this life, they had moved on to the next.

In addition to showing his wisdom on the afterlife, YoungBoy answered a few questions about his peers. The subject then turned to Doja Cat, an artist who took hold of pop . Regarding this one, the rapper from Louisiana seems to have a lot of admiration. Maybe even a little crush on the singer.

“Dude, if I didn’t have a family, if I didn’t have a daughter yet, I would try to marry Doja Cat,” YoungBoy said. Akademiks couldn’t help but laugh at this revelation. 

“But no, I have my little girl and her mom. So, I don’t mean to do bullshit like that. ” he added. When asked what charmed him about Doja Cat, YoungBoy simply said that she was “unique in her own way”.

These statements from YoungBoy confirm that the rapper is indeed in a relationship. Many suspect that this is Jazlyn Mychelle, the last of the seven – or perhaps eight – mothers of his children. Jazlyn reportedly gave birth earlier this year, months after Yaya Mayweather welcomed her son with YoungBoy.

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