NBA YoungBoy clarifies rumor surrounding missed date with J. Cole at studio

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 American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again has responded to rumors he posed a bunny to J. Cole at the studio. It was during an interview with DJ Akademiks, one of the influential personalities of American hip-hop. More info on this in this post.

YoungBoy gives his share of truth in the J. Cole case

Many months ago, DJ Akademiks revealed that rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again had the opportunity to work with J. Cole in the studio. Through his very influential Instagram account, the man shared that the rapper would have put a bunny on J. Cole for more than eight hours before showing up. These rumors did not thrill the artist too much, as YoungBoy took advantage of a recent interview on Clubhouse with him to give his share of the truth.

Indeed, Akademiks spoke with the young rapper about a myriad of topics surrounding his musical career, including the studio session where he was supposed to do a song with Cole. He then asked YoungBoy if he was “fucking” with J. Cole, the rapper immediately launched into the rumors. ”  They lied when they said I put J. Cole a bunny, man, ”  YoungBoy said. 

 He explains himself in these terms: “  They lied and said I didn’t want to go to the studio with him. But I also know who said that to someone. Because there were only a few people who knew about it and that wasn’t even the case. I was angry at the time, I was going through something, so why would I go to this man’s studio to meet him . YoungBoy thinks it would be a hoax to pretend when the timing wasn’t right for him. “Knowing that I’m not in the mood to talk or, you know, fuck. [They said] YB was acting like a slut or something, but why would I go see this man if I know I’m not in the mood to talk to someone or sit and even be? with somebody. », Says the rapper.

It’s clear that YoungBoy missed a great opportunity to work with one of the greatest rappers of the past decade. However, he’s also a human being, and he just didn’t feel it that day. This does not mean that the opportunity will not reappear in the future. Still, fans say the American rapper should at least have let Cole know he had no plans to join him.

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