NBA YoungBoy Explains Why He Likes To Wear Black Makeup: “I Feel Comfortable”

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It’s not uncommon for rock singers to put on a bit of eyeliner and even full face makeup, but when NBA YoungBoy voiced that he too liked the practice, Hip Hop fans fought back. Earlier this week, the currently under house arrest in Utah awaiting trial, connected to the world through Clubhouse, where he spoke about how he felt ”  comfortable  ” with makeup. because he felt like he could be himself.

“I like to paint my face, to put on make-up” , he said at the time. “  I like to look at myself in the mirror and see everything in black. Like my eyes and all that… “I just don’t know.” I feel comfortable like that. He added that his engineer had purchased the items for him from MAC Cosmetics. “It makes me feel like a gothic, like rockstars. “

Yesterday YoungBoy appeared on his sister’s Instagram page and shared new images that had his face covered in black and white makeup. The caption of one of the posts reads: ”  I don’t care what they think of me #RockPeace”. Some fans are happy that YoungBoy is speaking his way, while others are not so happy with his new look.

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