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A video in which Nelly receives a blowjob was posted on her own Instagram story. The rapper, who apologized, claims to have been hacked.

If Nelly made the headlines in the American media this Wednesday, it’s not for a very glorious reason, and certainly not for the release of a new song. The famous interpreter of Hot in Herre and Dilemma (featuring Kelly Rowland ) has indeed seen a very intimate video of him going viral on social networks. In this sequence broadcast in his own Instagram story this Tuesday, February 8, the 47-year-old rapper receives a blowjob from a young woman.And if the video was quickly deleted, some Internet users obviously had time to save it before re-broadcasting it on the networks, generating several hundred thousand views. The twittos, in particular, did not fail to be ironic about the situation, tweeting about the size of his anatomy or making jokes – not very fine, it must be admitted – about his ex-girlfriend Ashanti…

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Nelly’s apologies

For her part, Nelly quickly spoke in the columns of the US media, TMZ, saying that the video was old and that it was initially not intended to be disclosed to the general public. In addition, he apologizes to the young woman, collateral victim of this publication: “I sincerely apologize to the young woman and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them. This is an old video that was private and was never meant to be made public.” Nelly’s team immediately claimed that the artist had been hacked. They would also fear that other personal information would also be disclosed, such as their various passwords, photos/videos and financial information.In addition, Nelly gave an interview to Kevin Hart this Tuesday, February 8 as part of the Bartool Sports podcast . During the latter, we see Cornell Iral Haynes, Jr. – real name – suddenly looking at his phone for a short moment and saying “ Oh my God ” before resuming the interview. Internet users believe that it was actually at this time that he learned of the leak of this somewhat embarrassing video…

nelly sex tape



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