Never Broke Again YoungBoy Justifies Her Black Makeup

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Never Broke Again created the controversy with a face made up in black. It will now take some getting used to since the rapper likes this new look.

After spending the light of 2021 in jail, Never Broke Again Youngboy was released from prison on $ 1.5 million bail. He was under house arrest in Layton, Utah. Kentrell DeSean Gaulden real name released last September his 3 rd album, Sincerely, Kentrell. At the age of 22, the rapper experienced the taste of the feeling of helplessness when he saw most of his works on Youtube deleted before his eyes because of the conditions of use. All he could say was: ”  safer than sorry  ” 

Clubhouse, the artist’s new favorite hot spot

To stay in touch with his 10 million subscribers on Youtube, the rapper has found the perfect trick. He invited his fans to join him on Clubhouse for private discussions. His invitation increased the number of users of the mobile application. Clubhouse should consider taking him as an ambassador.

In a context of mistrust where he will have to be careful of any statement due to the approach of his trial, the rapper from Louisiana was able to speak openly about his life and his career at the Clubhouse. He spoke about his color preferences and especially the look he likes to flaunt. “  I like to paint my face, to do my makeup,  ” he said. “I like to look at myself in the mirror and see everything that is black. Like my eyes and shit. ” 

Makeup in black, a mistake or a desire

Speaking of his preferences, NBA YoungBoy suggested to DJ Akademiks, present in the room, a very relevant question. The DJ who never misses an opportunity to make fun of the artists relied on a photo of the rapper in black makeup.

The rapper’s response made it clear that this is a look that contributes to the artist’s personal confidence. It was also his way of getting the audience used to it.

“  It’s one hundred percent true! I am myself  , ”YoungBoy said. The rapper clarified that black makeup is part of his personality. “  I just don’t know. I feel good like that. He took the opportunity to relate how he came to this black makeup. He said he sent his engineer to MAC Cosmetics with the precision of the type of makeup he wanted. “  It makes me feel like a gothic, like rockstars . “.

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