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The collaborative project between NBA Youngboy and Birdman contains the track “ Stuck With Me ” which deserves some attention.

NBA Youngboy and Birdman ended up finding the right parade so as not to lose face. After the missed appointment for the release of their collaborative mixtape, the two rappers hurried to release this Friday, December 10, 2021, the mixtape entitled “ From the Bayou ”. With 13 tracks, this mixtape shows Never Broke Again Youngboy and the YMBMC icon let off steam on a series of tracks tailor-made for the two kickers. This project also takes into account two recent singles from NBA Youngboy. These are ”  Heart & Sou l” and ”  Alligator Walk “. On the 13 tracks, the rappers seemed to give a lot more energy than needed especially on the last track ”  Stuck With Me  ” which serves as an outro.

“Stuck With Me” louder than an outro

The last track of the mixtape is by far one of the most remarkable of the project. Many fans have identified it as their favorite. The track starts with an anecdote that Birdman tells before giving free expression to NBA Youngboy rap in a very particular style that we know. In terms of lyrics, the rapper was not shy. As evidenced by these words:

“ They let me out, he’s scared now

YoungBoy at home and with the shit

During the day, we’re zipping shit

We know we like the four doors, n *** a.

We let them down, it’s tit for tat.

My cousin is in that car, n *** a.

We’re going to drop them right next to the store.

He’s got a bunch of opp, we’re gonna roll him, this n *** a.

He says this shit but he knows he knows.

When I catch them, I’ll show them. 

A mixtape for a handover?

 This mixtape sounds like a testament to all the talent Birdman says he sees in the new Internet phenomenon that has set records on YouTube and brought the Clubhouse app back to life. 

Earlier this year, Birdman said he believed YoungBoy would become “the greatest rapper of all time” during a visit to the Big Facts podcast. ”  No n * gga will be bigger than NBA YoungBoy, the numbers don’t lie, he’s the greatest YouTube artist and he’s behind the wall, ” Birdman said. This was, of course, before YoungBoy’s YouTube was deleted. However, the rapper is still causing a stir on Clubhouse since he made an appointment with his fans on this side. It brought Clubhouse back to the top 5 most downloaded apps. Birdman was not mistaken in relying on the artist to ensure the succession.

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