New fashion icon Kim Kardashian thanks Kanye West for his contribution

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 Kim Kardashian received this December 7, 2021 the Fashion Icon Award at the PEOPLE’s Choice Awards. This fashion icon distinction was held for a year by Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross. The 2021 Kim Kardashian showcased the unparalleled influence of Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand SKIMS. By receiving the prize from the hands of the daughter of Diana Ross, Kim did not hide her admiration for the one to whom she succeeds. “Receiving the award for the fashion icon herself,  ” Kardashian West said of Elie Ross. In a few words, she shared her happiness to receive this award. “I am so honored. Thank you . “

To Kim, which is Kim, and to ye, which is ye

Kanye West still has esteem in the heart of his ex-wife, whom he strives to win back. The latter took advantage of her speech to recall that her ex-husband had played a decisive role in her success in fashion. She thanked him for explaining to her how this universe works. And that’s rightly so since Kanye put Kim in touch with the right contacts at all levels of the fashion industry. “  To Kanye for introducing me to the world of fashion. I fell in love with fashion and am inspired by so many people but again it’s like a dream that I can wake up and wear these amazing clothes, try new things and take a risk. I am so humble  ”

The organizers’ perspective on Kim 

Kim has remained constant in her evolution and is followed by everyone. The Executive Vice President, Live Events, Specials & E! News, NBCUniversal Entertainment Television and Streaming gave their thoughts on Kim’s development. “  For almost two decades, Kim Kardashian West’s style evolution has disrupted and influenced trends globally and has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry,  ” Jen said. Neal. She continued to exhibit her happiness in honoring a woman who deserves the title. “For being a cultural inspiration, a trailblazer and more, we look forward to honoring Kim with this year’s People’s Fashion Icon Award.  “.

Kim’s Fashion News

At the end of the year Kim, through his company SKIMS, launched a new collection that takes into account both children and parents. To bring this collection, the owner of the empire to 1.6 billion dollars, Kim enlisted Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert. 

The new collection which mainly includes the Onesie, the Cozy Knit Jogger and the Cozy Knit Pullover, has been rather well received by Iman’s family. “The  whole family loves the new Cozy collection from SKIMS. Hope everyone is ready to receive the same holiday gift from us this year: comfy sets for everyone!”  », Said Iman.

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