New Kim Kardashian sex tape is offered to Kanye West

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There are few sex tapes that are as well known as that of Kim Kardashian and her former partner Ray J. Now
hip-hop manager Wack 100 reveals that he allegedly has “Part 2” of the well-known clip on his laptop target.
A never seen video by Kim and Ray J that he offered Kanye West in an interview with Bootleg Kev – as a “private


Wack 100 offers Kanye West new sex tape from Kim

Wack 100 explains in an interview that the unknown video should be much more explicit and “better” than the
first, which went viral on the Internet in 2007 and made Kim a star. As is well known, she started the reality
show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” with her family in the same year and is now one of the most successful
entrepreneurs in Hollywood. The manager explains that he would of course not give the said tape to anyone other than Kanye West
(now streaming on Apple Music), since Kim is “the mother of his children”. When asked whether Ray J could
simply leak the tape himself, Wack 100 explains that he has also become a father. He was a great guy and, if
it came down to it, would give the video to Kanye right away. Whoever should never get to see the tape is the public. That is disrespectful, so Wack. Here you can watch the whole interview between Bootleg Kev and Wack 100:


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