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The new Bushido documentation was launched yesterday on Amazon Prime. In addition to family drama, there is also music in between. A statement regarding the arrest warrant and the label Universal Music now seems to cause displeasure with the Offenbacher.

Warrant writes to Bushido

In his Instagram story, arrest warrant (now streaming on Apple Music ) is directed at Bushido. He writes that the latter should not infer him from his own character. He would be the last to lock other doors. Unlike Bushido. Haft asks Bushido how he thought he had talked to Universal Music Vice President Neffi Temur about him.

Screenshot of the arrest warrant message to Bushido
Screenshot of the arrest warrant message to Bushido

The arrest warrant is probably referring to a passage in the new documentary in which Bushido talks about not getting a contract with Universal. According to him, rappers are to blame for speaking out against him at Neffi. Among other things, arrest warrant and Sinan-G .

Neffi Temur confirms in the documentary that there have indeed been such conversations, but does not give any specific names.

At the end of his message, the arrest warrant wishes the Bushido family good health. There is still no answer.

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