Nick Cannon loses his seventh Zen child

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A rare brain cancer

On Tuesday during his talk show, actor Nick Cannon announced the death of his youngest child. Little Zen Cannon died at the age of five months from a rare brain cancer. He was the youngest son of actor Nick whom he conceived with Alyssa Scott .

Born last June, the little one showed no worrying signs of illness. The news obviously saddened the public. On his show, Cannon revealed that he found out his youngest son had hydrocephalus , a rare cancer that puts pressure on the brain.

“  I always noticed he had a cough so I wanted to check it out,  ” Cannon said of his son. “  He had this interesting breath, and when he was two months old I noticed he also had a nice sized head – a Cannon head. We haven’t thought of any of this. But I wanted to take her to the doctor for her sinuses and her breathing. We thought it was routine  ”.

It was after the visit to the specialist that the family quickly realized that it was more serious than they expected. So a solution had to be found to save the little one’s life , which led to surgery. This is how Zen underwent brain surgery to drain the fluid , but things apparently got worse over Thanksgiving. His condition deteriorated more quickly.

Nick Cannon recounts his last moments with his son

Nick has shared with his audience the last moments he spent with Zen her seventh child. “  This weekend, I made an effort to spend as much quality time as possible with Zen. We woke up on Sunday and went to the ocean with him and Alyssa, then I had to fly back to New York for the show,  ”the very generous actor said. “  I received a call on the way to the airport to return to Zen  ”.

Nick then told onlookers he last hugged his son this weekend before dedicating the show to Zen. It is an unimaginable pain for so many people. The 41-year-old actor did not fail to thank his family for their unwavering support and solidarity with him during these painful times. He also offered heartfelt praise to Alyssa, Zen’s mother . “  Alyssa was the strongest woman I have ever seen… She’s always been the best mom and continues to be the best mom she can be  .”

Our hearts go out to actor Nick Cannon, Zen’s mom and the whole family. Because the loss of a child remains a pain that never goes away, we wish them much courage to face and overcome it.



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