Nicki Minaj announces that Queen Radio now has a ‘new home’

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Nicki Minaj noted that her show “Queen Radio” will be back soon to the delight of listeners. This new return will no longer be on Apple Music, but on a new platform that Nicki intends to announce very soon.

Nicki Minaj answers Joe Budden’s questions about Queen Radio’s comeback

In an excerpt from The Joe Budden Podcast , Joe Budden spoke about his desire to see Queen Radio make a comeback. For the JBP host, audiences are eager to follow star Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen Radio’ shows.

“  I don’t care how the music industry doesn’t give us a follow-up story on some of the things that we fall in love with. For example, I want to know what happened to Queen Radio, ”Joe Budden said in the clip. He continues, ”  Where’s Queen Radio?” It was only the biggest thing outside of OVO Radio. Queen Radio is important for culture. I am sorry ! She should be there or we should get an announcement as to why she is not there . “

In response to her request, the singer was quick to make a comeback. Nicki  has indeed taken to Twitter and confirmed reports from earlier this summer that her Queen Radio has in fact found a new home. She also expressed her gratitude to Larry Jackson of Apple Music while commenting on the new move of his show. ”  Thanks Joe, I really appreciate that you ask me and that you care,” she wrote before announcing that a new destination is already in sight. “ We have a new home. Official announcement coming soon. I have to thank Apple’s Larry Jackson for throwing the idea on my radar and giving me his blessing to explore new avenues for the show. #QueenRadio “. ”
As a reminder, Nicki Minaj is currently celebrating her third career Guinness World Record for her “ Say So  ” collaboration  with  Doja Cat.

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