Ninho & Leto’s song “Vie de star” is certified gold single

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For the most part, it’s not common to see two rappers create such a strong and true connection as the one between Leto and Ninho. The song “Vie de Star” is the result of a third collaboration between the two rappers. This title has just entered the record industry since it has just been certified gold single.

Leto and Ninho deliver a real “Star Life” experience

The track “Vie de star” is probably one of the most successful tracks from the 20/21 compilation excerpt from the Rec 118 label, which features cut titles. Indeed, we owe not only this success to the remarkable talent of the protagonists of the said piece, but also to this immense connection which reigns between them. After offering fans four clips from the compilation, Rec 118 then released a fifth to deliver their experience of the good life. This is obviously the image of the song “Life of Star” by Leto and Ninho. The clip, shot in the United Arab Emirates, traces the remarkable journey of the two artists.

Leto and NI haven’t lost an opportunity to praise their celebrity lives. Big Italian and German engines, luxury clothing, renowned restaurants, yacht rides, the two rappers have not been dead hand. The intensity of their combinations on almost all levels is always the size of an excellent symbiosis. Today, this song by two young French rappers is certified gold single by the SNEP.

Ninho and Leto will once again be very proud of their success for this track. As a reminder, the two artists did not miss the opportunity to place some punchlines to motivate listeners through this piece. This is particularly the case of Ninho who suggests in an extract at the end of filming: ”  We take down an icon to be inspired by it, not to make it identity theft  .” Thus, therefore, notice to those who would let themselves be martyred negatively by this “Star Life” that they lead.

“Star life”: a festive song

From the first images of the clip, we find the two acolytes living a good life in the luxurious city of the United Arab Emirates. We follow them with great pleasure between yacht trips, visits to luxury cars, dance scenes in the corridors of an ultra stylish aquarium. As for music, the two rappers have played opposite strokes verses they secrecy and driven by an instrument very smooth.

Comme surprise en fin de clip, on a accès à des scènes en off, directement tournées via les téléphones des proches des artistes. C’est de cette manière qu’on a eu une fenêtre sur la manière dont ils ont vécu leur expérience à Dubaï, guidé par leurs commentaires. « Que demander de plus ? », demandait Leto, au volant d’une voiture de luxe.

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