NLE Choppa offers $ 5,000 scholarship to high school student

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The young rapper from Memphis shows once again that he is dedicated to his community. Despite his young age, he decided to help young people like himself to prepare for university. 

NLE Choppa offers $ 5,000 to high school student

NLE Choppa has always claimed to be a proud resident of Memphis. Despite being a rising star, the 19-year-old rapper is still looking to help his hometown. Last weekend, the Black Men Crowned Awards were held in Memphis.

Young black men who have excelled in their communities in south-central America were honored during this event. To this end, high school student LaZarus Morgan won the BMC scholarship which gives him access to $ 1000 covering his tuition fees.

NLE Choppa was there to present him with the award and surprised the participants with more financial support. However, the rapper presented the young man with a large check for $ 5,000 in addition to the $ 1,000 check from BMC he received: “ Also, on my behalf, I would like to present LaZarus with a purse of $ 5,000. . I would like to leave with a few words of encouragement – the best preparation for tomorrow is to prepare for today . “

NLE’s next album should be out soon

NLE Choppa is currently working on their upcoming studio album Me vs. Me which is due out January 14, 2022. He has released four promotional singles including “Jumpin” with Polo G, ”  Final Warning  “, “Mmm Hmm” and ”  IYB  “.

His full tracklist is not yet confirmed, but the first NLE project that has been running since 2020 is surely one to watch. NLE Choppa was able to find time despite her busy schedule and preparations to honor and help young black students.

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