No more shame, Coi Leray will no longer be intimidated by bad comments

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She has long been the victim of bad comments and derogatory criticism. But she has always shown self-control and very focused on her career. At the end of the year, she decided to rise beyond bad tongues and to assert herself fully.

“Let’s stop worrying about people’s bodies in 2022 and forever”, Coi Leray

A few weeks ago, the singer gave her fans a last single to complete this year. 2021 has been a particularly good year for Coi Leray musically. Apart from her recent title entitled ” Medicine ”, she has recorded many successes.

The original version of its title TWINNEM has accumulated over 14.4 million streams on Spotify and over 16.9 million views on YouTube. It also reached # 1 on the US TikTok Chart and # 2 on the US / World Billboard Triller Chart.

However, Coi has also faced a lot of negative reviews. Whether it is her musical projects or her naughty outfits, she has attracted a lot of attention. 

But here, Coi is fed up and is determined not to bow to these negative reactions. In a video posted yesterday on Tiktok, Coi displayed herself in a bikini. Through dancing, she expressed her joy at the end of the year and she invites her subscribers not to judge others but simply to appreciate them.

She later shared the video on Instagram with a caption. “Don’t get tired of knowing if she’s natural, who her doctor is, if she has curves, cellulite, big little ones, square circles, let’s just make it a priority to spread love and worry about it. you. Yuh. 2022 I’m excited. She wrote.

Things are looking good for the singer in 2022. She made a promise to her fans: “This new year will be one of the biggest of my life. My album will be one of the biggest albums by female artists in the world. I can promise you that. She wrote.

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