Noname cancels his next album “Factory Baby”

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The rapper and poet Noname announces on Instagram the cancellation of her next album ” Factory Baby  “, long awaited by her fans. It could be that she has put a line on her musical career for the moment.

Noname fans have been waiting for the album for years

Noname recently put her music career aside in order to focus on efforts that she deems more worthwhile. Activism and empathy were of the utmost importance to her. Indeed, Nomane runs a book club that donates free reading material to black people in prison.

It is also generally active in the field of Community aid. On the other hand, she has released a few singles from time to time, notably revealing two of her songs in the past two years. Note that these two outputs were powerful. The first, ”  Song 33  ” from the summer of 2020 was a response to J. Cole’s apparent dissent over the murder of George Floyd. Her second single ”  Rainforest  ” from February was groundbreaking and fiery music about the plight of black Americans.

FYI, Noname had told her fans that her new album ”  Factory Baby  ” was on the horizon and that it would be released in 2021. Today, she explains that the album would take all her free time and prevent her from playing. devote himself to his philanthropic activities.

Noname announces that she will no longer publish Factory Baby

A few days ago, Noname said on Instagram that she would no longer post ”  Factory Baby  “. She adds that she might be done with music for good. Noname reveals that she is struggling to find a production and rekindle the spark that had helped her in her previous music.

 “  Most of the time, I don’t know if I’ll ever be making music again. The last time I did songs regularly was 4 years ago. It has been so difficult to find producers to connect with and to truly connect sonically. I’m really grateful for the art I was able to put out, but maybe that’s it from me. Like, it shouldn’t be that hard. No lie, this shit makes me incredibly sad and I rarely leave the crib these days. I don’t want to keep lying and saying there’s an album on the way when there isn’t. I’m sorry to have guided you. I wanted to believe that things would change, but it isn’t.  “

It’s hard to get used to the idea that Noname went through such a creatively difficult time. The point is, she remains one of hip-hop’s most captivating and powerful female vocal poets .

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