NORE prides himself on having sparked public love for Kanye West again

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NORE celebrates a victory over the turnaround in Ye’s career. The once hated rapper is now adored by everyone and even more so since the beginning of this month.

Kanye West is today an essential artist of American showbizz. It is worn by lovers of urban music and holds a special place in their hearts. Its rating increased even more at the beginning of the month. This love that everyone has for him has defeated all predictions given the periods of turmoil that Ye experienced.

The descent into Hell

Since 2009  Kanye West began his descent into hell. That year, precisely, on September 13, he took the stage of the Music Video Award in Los Angeles to contest the awarding of the trophy for “best video of the year by a female artist” to Taylor Swift for her title ” You Belong With Me ”. As the country singer began her acceptance speech after receiving the trophy from Shakira and Taylor Lautner, she was abruptly interrupted. Kanye West, out of nowhere, takes the microphone from her hands and shouts: ” So Taylor, I’m very happy for you, I’m going to let you finish, but Beyoncé made the best music video ever!”  »His intervention was not appreciated by the public who did not hesitate to boo him.

He sinks even more with his interviews with Zane Lowe and Sway and the highlight of the show will be given by his clumsiness in politics. He has indeed openly supported the former and very unpopular President of the United States of America Donald Trump.

The charm operation

After all this period of bad times, Ye has regained his place in the hearts of music lovers and  NORE  expressed on Twitter on Monday that the success of this charm operation was his work.

” Did I do something that no record company, no woman, no culture can do?” ??? Made people like Kanye again @kanyewest Real talk!  », Could we read at 4:44 am on his official account.

Indeed, everything was bet on the now legendary interview of Kanye West on Drink Champs. Released on November 5, this interview had very positive feedback.

During the interview, Ye broached the hot topics wholeheartedly. He called Big Sean the worst business decision he has ever made and added fuel to the fire over his embroilment with Talib Kweli. He did not fail to talk about Donda, his last album or his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Remember that the first part of the interview was viewed 8.1 million times on YouTube. As for the second part, it has already aroused 2 million Internet users for 4 days since it was released. 


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