OBN Jay shares a new project called I’m Him

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OBN Jay released a 14 track project he called I’am Him. 

2021 will not only have seen OBN Jay shine with a few singles or connections with other artists. He also decided to release a big project in this last month of the year. He released a catalog of songs he called I’am Him. This project follows No Commercial Breaks which had 12 tracks and also Pressure Applied, two projects released by the artist in 2020. We now understand that the Take the time and Rasta singles released in 2021 were just to keep the fans going. spellbound.

A week ago, OBN Jay was talked about in the new Friday sounds. He owes this appearance to his collaboration with Dusty Locane on his album Untamed. Now that the big guys in the industry have released their project, OBN Jay has decided to release his album to allow his fans to make one more foray into his own world. The new project has 14 titles and sees OBN Jay managing the majority of titles. He ended up calling on Money Man and OMB Peezy to bring in some outside ingredients.

The project had unveiled in advance three singles to announce the colors. Last October, the flagship single of the project I’am Him was released by the artist. Apart from this track, “Very Active” and “PAW” were the two other singles released which ended up revealing their belonging to the big project when the tracklist was released.

 On the blanket side, the project features OBN Jay relaxing on a green sofa that has endured the aging action of time. However, the artist in her simple outfit has her eyes fixed on the ceiling.

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