Offset breaks marital curfew for Jim Jones

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Offset almost got Jim Jones into trouble. Their night out on Wednesday November 10, 2021 forced Jim Jones, and even Offset to reassure their wife with a trick all found by Jim Jones.
We are sometimes tempted to say that marriages between celebrities doing the same job should create a certain trust, the realities being known and shared by both. Well, that isn’t always verified since Jim Jones recently posted a video on Instagram to prove where he was and with whom.
Wednesday evening November 10, Jim Jonesposted on Instagram a direct in which he advises fans that rapper Offset is preventing him from returning home after he has already broken the pre-established curfew in his home. To prove the truth of his words, he directs the camera towards Offset, his kidnapper, who is very busy counting, a stack of banknotes which he then throws on a gaming table.

In the rest of the video, Jim notifies that the live feed serves as evidence: ” Let them know you got me out after my curfew, I need an alibi.” It’s an alibi right here, ”Jim Jones told Offset who ended up looking at the camera, apologizing and advancing that they are working. An incomprehensible and irrelevant video for many fans who wonder what is wrong.

Women too worried or just an excess of possessiveness?

To understand the contours of the motivation behind this video, we had to wait a bit. Jones explained that he used to spread information about his location when going out with friends, especially when it was without his wife. And for that evening, Jim Jones and Offset said their spouses  Cardi B and Chrissy Lampkin contacted them to find out what they were doing.

If you thought Jones was overdoing it, you just had to pay attention to the footage that Offset posted later. He took pictures providing information about his whereabouts as well. He looked ahead to avoid arguments with his wife and justified the post in these terms: “ My wife calls me sometimes, I have to show her the game, so I already know what’s going on, ” Offset said.

His post was commented on by Jim who seeks to prove that he is not busy doing dirty things. “Exactly, one from the Bronx and one from Harlem and it all got dangerous in a minute, man.”

In a world where many couples divorce, Jim and Offset seem determined to maintain and strengthen the confidence of their spouses.

After the party, the job

Another video will be published much later showing the Migos member listening to one of his new tracks. Offset is apparently preparing something for the end of the year. As for Jim Jones, he has been working on his next film Jim Jones for some time . Bearing his name, we would have bet that the film will be a biopic, but it will not be. The film will be about the infamous cult leader who orchestrated a mass murder-suicide of his People’s Temple supporters in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978. The lead role would go to actor Leonardo DiCaprio in final talks with Jones on Monday latest.

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