Offset denies involvement in ComplexCon brawl

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There was a little scuffle at ComplexCon this weekend that allegedly involved Offset. Today the rapper clarifies any speculation regarding the incident. He indicates that he intervened to stop the altercation, not to be part of it, adding that he is “in a positive space”.

In a video that has gone viral, Offset and his entourage are seen walking through ComplexCon before the punches start to rain not far from No Jumper’s booth. Viewers were able to see that there was a verbal exchange before security intervened. The brawl lasted less than a minute before being dispersed, but it’s unclear what sparked the melee. According to initial reports, Offset was among the group when one of his entourage “apparently punched someone. “ If Offset was not seen attacking someone, members of his entourage were seen trying to fight, and a video sequence showing the fists amid the ongoing chaos.

Offset doesn’t want his name involved in this controversy

Despite reports claiming the rapper’s direct involvement, Offset claims to have no connection with the brawl.  “I didn’t fight at ComplexCon. I stepped in to end a fight over the security of a booth, ” rapper Migos told Complex. “The story is false and overshadows why I am a regular at ComplexCon. I was there to support the culture and emerging brands and designers. I am focused on this. I had come in peace. I appreciate the concern. “

The precedents are not likely to contradict the facts

This is not the first time that the rapper and his entourage have fought in public. Earlier this year, rapper Southside accused Offset of having an argument with Lil Uzi Vert . Southside also claimed that Offset tried to rob the rapper. Offset, along with Quavo and Takeoff, were also charged with attacking and punching Instagram influencer Justin LaBoy in Atlanta following an interview with Saweetie where he asked her who would be the lady she would choose to do a threesome with Quavo, to which she replied that she would give Quavo the privilege of choosing the man they would have a threesome with. 

The rappers later denied the charges, during an interview with the Breakfast Club to promote their album, with Takeoff joking about “correcting” someone without beating them.

Offset is married to Cardi B , and the couple recently welcomed their second child in September. Although Offset has had her own share of aggressive behavior charges, his wife, too, is currently in court for the felony assault of two bartenders in Flushing, New York, whom she accused of sleeping with her husband. .

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