On 5 Rounds, Halle Berry and Latto chatted about the meanest request made to Berry during sex

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Halle Berry continues to immerse us in her privacy through her 5 Rounds video series. Latto  was the last guest on the show and she was faced with a somewhat harsh response perhaps for her age.

Halle Berry released her latest film project on Netflix on November 24, 2021. In Bruised, the film in which she is the main actress, she puts herself in the shoes of a former MMA champion who seizes her last chance to redeem herself in combat when the son she had abandoned returns to her life. This very physical performance definitely imposes Halle Berry in the list of actresses as comfortable in the action as in the emotion.

For the promotion of this film, it has multiplied charms operations. She also did not obscure the television shows. She invented a moment of set during which she talks with artists who contributed to the soundtrack of the film. This series of IGTV entitled 5 Rounds has already seen  Cardi B for the opening, but also i Young MA for the previous issue.

Always exposed to the cameras, but without her gloves, this time, Halle Berry and Latto discussed in the last issue of 5 rounds many things and obviously junk.

What Halle considers the craziest request

The question that catches everyone’s attention during the interview is the daring and strange one that Latto asked the actress. ” What’s the craziest request you’ve ever been asked during sex?”  The 22-year-old asked Berry during the video. To save time, the actress made sure she understood the question correctly by directing it in a context of wickedness. ” Does the meanest request matter?”  She replied. Latto’s turn to broaden the range of possibilities for answering his question in these terms: ” It could be like the meanest, the wildest, the strangest …  “.

The mood turned somewhat gloomy when Berry revealed the meanest request she’s ever seen. “ Someone once wanted me to let him spit in my face, ” the Catwoman star said. But Berry’s laughter balanced everything after she recounted her reaction which wasn’t asked of her yet. She judged the request to be twisted in these terms: “  I said, ‘You twisted everything! This is not a porn video ” ”. This judgment inspired the amused Latto to say a sentence she imagined about the scene. “No, sir, put on your clothes and go out.”

Berry’s other not very Catholic revelations

Berry has no taboo subjects. In Round 5’s first episode with Cardi B, the two stars discussed their favorite sex positions, most important purchases and more.

The 55-year-old actress also did better with Young MA in another issue by revealing these bizarre arousals. Berry replied that by kissing, she likes the feeling that someone is sucking her lip. The impertinent response had obviously pissed off Young MA who had fallen from the skies, but finally smiled after the explanation of the star of Monster’s Ball.

Halle Berry under different skies

The Oscar-winning actress has appeared in several successful films. You have to go back to 1991 to see her as a lost and angry crack prostitute, Vivian, in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever movie. In 2000, she appeared in Bryan Singer’s first X-men with the assumed name Ororo Munroe aka Tornado alongside Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen. The mutant, that she was, could control the climatic elements, creating awesome tornadoes and storms.

She returned to her full human nature as a broken loving woman in In the Shadow of Hate. She also played the role of James Bond, but female in Die Another Day.


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