One of the burglars at Samuels Safaree’s house in 2018 was convicted of robbery and use of a weapon

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The burglary file in which Samuels Safaree was the victim, is progressing slowly. One of the burglars was convicted of several counts. He is patient before he knows his sentence in two months.

Burglary of celebrity homes has become commonplace in the United States of America. In 2018 for example, several thefts of valuables were reported by stars. We remember this series of burglaries in Los Angeles, but also the one of which Samuels Safaree was the victim the same year.
If for the series of burglary, Tyress William was sentenced to 9 years in prison, the case of the burglary of the home of Safaree Samuels is still pending in court but, with a little more progress. Tacuma Ashman, 43, and a New York resident, was convicted of first-degree theft in addition to guns and resisting arrest charges. Following the incident, Tacuna Ashman and two other suspects fled and were reportedly engaged in a high-speed chase.

A retro in the past

On April 2, 2018, Angie Martinez unveiled an excerpt from her interview, which was to be broadcast the next day, with Samuels Safaree. In the interview, Safaree Samuels is seen breaking down in tears and very upset. This time, it was not Nicki Minaj who caused the tears but an assault that Samuels suffered just before going to the radio station for the interview. “ I just got robbed at gunpoint, ” Samuels told Martinez at the time, just hours after the robbery. Despite the tears, he gave more details, saying: “ A few hours later, I just got robbed as if two armed guys had just rushed at me. I found myself face down with a gun over my head. They took it all. “. The stolen jewelry is estimated to be worth nearly $ 180,000.

The enemy is always someone very close

To make this operation successful, the burglar duo had the helping hand of a third person who is none other than Shawn Harewood, operations mastermind and childhood friend of  Samuels Safaree.
It’s hard to know if this is a settling of scores for an old offense, but the modus operandi teaches about the deliberate motivation to harm Samuels. The burglars painstakingly analyzed Safaree’s social accounts to find out exactly what jewelry he was using when he went out. They even placed a tracking device on Samuels’ vehicle in order to always be informed of his movements.
This reopens the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of a life too exposed on social networks.

Update on legal proceedings

Tacuma Ashman was convicted of several charges yesterday, November 23, 2021, but will have to wait until January 28 of next year to be determined. According to specialists, he faces a prison sentence that can cover 50 years. Shawn Harewood is not yet scheduled for a hearing since his lawyer has recused himself. Carl Harry, the third in the gang, didn’t go all out there. He has pleaded guilty since 2019.

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