Orelsan: a petition denounces the offensive use of the term “Mongol”

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Orelsan has just slapped the Rap Game by unveiling his album Civilization on November 19 , but not everyone appreciated the text of the clip The smell of gasoline , unveiled 2 days before the release of the project, and which already accumulates 11 million views on Youtube. A petition already lists almost 13,000 signatures .

12,900 signatures against the offensive use of the term Mongolian

petition posted online by musician and ethnomusicologist Johanni Curtet calls for a  “boycott of the offensive name of the Mongolian term  “. The document available on the change.org website already lists 12,900 signatures. We can read there: ”  the use of the term” Mongolian “(…) is not only insulting , but also attacks the Mongolian identity and trivializes the non-respect for human dignity  “

The lyrics in question are: ” We take Mongols, give them weapons.” Call that ‘justice’, is surprised by the tragedies ”, and “ Since the Mongols have become experts. Surrounded by Mongols, the Mongol Empire We make the Mongols to please the Mongols . »(From 2 minutes and 58 seconds)

And it begins again ?

The signatories of the petition ask Orel to apologize publicly “to the Mongols and Mongols  ” and wish to ”  remove the concerned part of the song  “. The text is very clear, he even intends to put “  pressure on venues and festivals to  deprogram this singer and / or cancel his concerts  as long as he has not apologized publicly and that he does not withdraw the insulting part of his song.  “. Mongolian, a roundabout term originally referring to a nomadic people found in Mongolia, Russia and China.

In such a context, it is impossible not to remember the sulphurous beginnings of Orelsan with its title Sale P * te .

Recently we learned that Orelsan has already sold more than 300,000 copies of Civilization .

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