OYG Redrum 781 has died after long battle with bone cancer

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When telling the story of rap in the 90s, the most emblematic names that are generally mentioned are: Tupac Shakur or Notorious Big . Obviously, these are legendary lyricists who have left their mark on the hip-hop industry. However, apart from them, there are also a number of hitmakers, such as OYG Redrum 781, who made a strong impression during this era. Very famous on the west coast of the United States, this rapper who had a huge influence in the rap game in his heyday, has just died following a battle of many years against cancer.

West Coast rap legend finally died

OYG Redrum 781 is a rap game legend from the West Coast of the USA. A few hours ago, he passed away from a battle with bone cancer. For information, the rapper is a famous figure, in this case for having co-created ”  Bangin On Wax  “. Note that the latter is presented as a collaborative piece between the Bloods and the Crips which helped to ease tensions between the gangs in 1993 . In other words, during the glory years of his career, he strongly impacted the environment of American hip-hop.

In fact, his friend and collaborator at Redrum, Big W y, recently spoke of his impact, questioned by AllHipHop “He was a true prolific lyricist, a combat rapper and one of the best emcees in Los Angeles. , he was famous for Bangin on Wax and Piru Love, ” he said. “He and Tweety Bird ended up creating something that it wasn’t intended, but it was really huge, he was one of the people responsible for bringing it out. And he was just a really helpful and beautiful soul and anyone who needed anything he would help them do it for free. He will be missed, one of our West Coast legends, Redrum. “

Basically, although his name has not inhabited every mouth on the music world, in recent years, it is obvious that the story owes OYG Redrum 781 a proud candle.

Redrum had marked the path of rap to many famous rappers

From 1993 to 1994, OYG Redrum 781 was one of Death Row Records’ most prolific hitmakers . It is precisely through his influence in this environment that he has helped a large number of his peers to take their heads out of the water. “He  was one of my best friends, he’s the one who opened the door to professional rap for me and he called me to be on Bangin on Wax,” Wy said to this effect. “He opened the door for a lot of other friends who ended up rapping and doing their thing. So, us, he was a really important person for the culture here. “

For the record, Redrum was also the cousin of legendary west coast rapper Kurupt , though the two had grieved for many years of their lives.

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