Pat Gallo details the making of DMX’s unreleased gospel album

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Music producer Pat Gallo recalls some facts about rapper DMX. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he discusses the circumstances in which the late rapper’s gospel album was made.

New details have emerged regarding DMX’s unreleased gospel album

A new Rolling Stone report delves deep into the making of DMX’s 2008 gospel album . It reveals many previously unknown anecdotes about ”  Walk With Me Now  ” and ”  You’ll Fly With Me Later  “.

Pat Gallo , the producer of X reveals that most of the gospel songs were recorded in one night. He adds that DMX had smoked crack in the bathroom and came back to tell him to play a beat.

Then he started to write a song and recorded it in one attempt. After checking in, X returned to the bathroom and resumed the same process. By the end of the evening, the artist had recorded seven gospel songs.

Gallo and DMX lived under police surveillance before the rapper’s death

Gallo claims the singer once asked him to take a video of him while he was high to see what he looked like.

“  I couldn’t do it comfortably,  ” Gallo said during his interview. “ I think he saw how I looked at him in this state. It wasn’t him anymore. It was that scared person. ” Gallo and DMX lived in time under” constant police surveillance “.

“  We couldn’t leave the house without being arrested,  ” recalls Gallo.

The current state of the unreleased gospel songs remains unclear, as there is an ongoing dispute between the DMX estate and Howard Mann . In reality, the latter owns the rights to the majority of the songs.

As a reminder, the rapper DMX died on April 9, 2021, victim of a heart attack following an overdose.

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