Pete Davidson wants his tattoos removed

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Pete Davidson, who loved to replace self-injury with tattoos at some very emotional moments in his life, wants to turn back. He really seeks to part with his tattoos to better counter himself in his role as an actor.

Pete Davidson and Miley Cyrus will soon team up together in a new show on NBC. In this context, the two future co-hosts have embarked on a promotional tour of this show which will enrich the program from 2022. Last Friday, they were on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Many subjects were discussed including the inscriptions on the body of Pete Davidson.

Miley and Pete Davidson too close?

Now that Kim Kardashian seems to be definitely turning the page on Kanye West by seeking single status to focus on his budding romance with Pete Davidson, the latter seems to be enjoying the company of Miley Cyrus. On Jimmy Fallon’s show, Miley teased Pete Davidson about his romance with the fashion icon in 2012 by performing It Should Have Been Me by singer Yvonne Fair. She even changed the lyrics to mention a time when Davidson and the reality TV mogul were photographed by the paparazzi. Miley even reportedly, after recording the show, spent time on Staten Island at Davidson’s home. Be careful not to create a scandal with excessive jealousy of Kim .

Davidson wants a makeover

The Saturday Night Live star wants a makeover. Pete Davidson intends to follow through on his intention to get rid of his tattoos. He opened up about his tattoos during the show with Miley Cyrus, recalling that they both had a tattoo in common. Indeed, Miley and Pete got the same tattoo in 2017 as part of a sketch on Saturday Night Live. Addressing the memory, Pete notified that he then had the tattoo burnt, ”  (The tattoo artist) was so excited, and I burned mine and you (Miley) kept yours.” ” 

This burnt tattoo will not be the only one that will meet such a fate. Last November in an interview with Life & Style magazine, Pete announced that he plans to burn his 104 tattoos for a specific reason. He intends to save the time it takes to cover all the inscriptions on his body before his appearances in the role of actor. He even displayed optimism, stating that he expects all of his dozen tattoos to be completely gone by the age of 30, or in another 2 years: “I’m getting my next treatment. [in] about a month. They said by the when I’m 30 they should all be gone. So they have about two more years left. “

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