PnB Rock calls out to Soulja Boy by boasting of owning the biggest chain in the game

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Ahead of the release of his EP 2 Get You Through the Rain, the Philadelphia native took to social media this weekend to show off a massive channel he claims to be “the biggest channel in the game.”

As documented on his Tweets, PnB Rock took out his giant gold bird chain for a ride to Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night (December 5), where he watched Gervonta “Tank” Davis retain his WBA lightweight title. after beating Isaac Cruz. The chain features a giant gold-plated bird, which closely resembles Ghostface Killah’s iconic eagle bracelet.

Rock snub Big P and Soulja Boy

“  Big P, man. I have the biggest channel in the game, man, ” Rock boasts in the clip. ”  That shit is a fucking decoration, n-gga!” “

PnB Rock then called on Soulja Boy , who has a habit of pedantic correcting rappers when they claim to be the ”  first  ” to do various things. Of course, Big Draco is known to wear oversized chains himself.

“Soulja Boy, what’s up, man?” He continues. ”  I’m the first n-gga that came – that’s one of your aunt’s decorations on the counter, n-gga.” Big exit. “

Soulja Boy has yet to respond to PnB Rock’s claim that he has the ”  biggest channel in the world,” but the Philadelphia rapper faces competition from Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi , who both have sported plus size and overpriced chains for the past few months. Without forgetting of course, the “  Big Ass Chain  ” of T-Pain, bought in 2009? Weighing over 10 pounds, the chain was crafted in yellow and white gold and featured 197 carats of diamonds.

But in the meantime, don’t miss PnB Rock’s EP 2 Get You Through the Rain which will be released on Thursday, December 9, featuring Lil Baby , Young Thug and DJ Luke Nasty.

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