PNL: A QLF Santa Claus treats the children of Tarterêts!

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The two PNL brothers have always remained close to their community . During this Christmas period, they made a gesture for the most underprivileged children by recruiting a QLF Santa Claus!

Frisbees and water guns

The idea is simple, but so effective! This December 23, 2021 , Ademo and NOS had the great idea to organize a little Christmas before the hour for the children of their neighborhood. On the rare images relayed on social networks, we can see a Santa Claus distributing to children (wise, obviously) gifts such as Frisbees or small water guns :

“It is only the mother of good people and children that we smile”

For some time now, NLP has been scarce. It’s simple: the two brothers give absolutely no information about their upcoming projects. They just don’t communicate, even during this pretty Christmas cast… So inevitably, the many fans get impatient . This already cult group had long held the record for sales figures with the release of Deux Frères in 2019. Recently, they were beaten by Orelsan, with the famous Civilization .

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