Police release statement after Jack Harlow demands dismissal of officer

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Jack Harlow asks fans to track down cop who grabbed fan by the neck

Jack Harlow’s concerts usually don’t lead to scandals or viral controversies, but the rapper’s recent performance in Atlanta has caused a stir within the Cobb County Police Department.

Yesterday Jack Harlow posted a video which had reached him which highlighted what he considers a blatant abuse of authority. In the video, one of her fans is seen arguing with an officer before the latter grabs her by the neck. The black woman could be heard yelling at two officers, telling them that all she wants is to go to Harlow’s concert. But in the middle of the confrontation, one of the officers grabs her by the neck.

“I watch the crowd every night and see black women in the front row… shouting my words, traveling to see me, supporting me, rolling for me,” Harlow wrote on Instagram.

“  I want this woman, and all the black women who support me, to know – I’m so sorry. I want you to be protected and I want this guy to lose his job as quickly as possible. I love you. Let’s find this officer. “

The incident is under investigation and a statement has been released regarding the officer’s actions

“The Cobb County Police Department takes all allegations of an officer’s misconduct very seriously,” a spokesperson for the police department said. “  We are aware of the snippet of video posted on Instagram involving our officer and a young woman outside Coca-Cola Roxy. The incident is internally reviewed to gain a full understanding of the entire incident prior to any potential action. “

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