Polo G announces a new album, which will “fuck the streets”

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No sooner has Polo released the deluxe edition of his Hall of Fame album, which rose to number 1 on the Billboard 200, the rapper seems to be about to strike once again. 

On Friday December 10, Polo G announced a new project in collaboration with Southside

The album’s announcement came after Akademiks shared a tweet regarding Polo G’s Hall of Fame 2.0 which only sold 79,000 units in its first week. Polo explained that the album’s low numbers were the result of a leak that occurred a month before the project was released. But Polo reassured fans that there is no problem since there is new music on the way.

“They had leaked all my work, a month before it came out. I still don’t seem to understand how it happened… .but this light shit. I’m on a Southside Project me & my bro @ sizzle808MAFIA we’re gonna fuck the streets till we die. I guarantee it. “ Polo G tweeted.

Last July, Polo G revealed he was working on an album with Southside but did not announce an official release date. Following it, Southside shared the interview on his Instagram and said the album will be a treat for fans. “Fuck it it it’s up I swear dis going the hardest shit this year I’m wrking wrking @ polo.capalot,” Southside wrote.

Southside completed the announcement with a tweet that said was mounting excitement, “This @Polo_Capalot album that I got you all know if I dab it that’s a classic guarantee Legendary Lil bro I could do a SNIP tomorrow if I am getting enough RETWEETS ”.

Despite the Hall of Fame leak , Polo G believes the music leaks don’t really affect him like other artists. He thinks he’s the best rapper, “I’m probably the hottest rapper in the industry with leaks lol,” Polo G. tweeted. “But fr Tho who’s behind this shit”.

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